Entrance Fee: R500.00

The Sprint Triathlon is also a BIG 6 XTREME Event

Triathlon Category Date Time Distance Entry Fee Entry Limit Minimum Age
Sprint Triathlon 29-Apr-18 8am Sprint: 600m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run R400 300 14 years +
Offroad Triathlon 29-Apr-18 4pm MTB: 600m swim, 15km MTB, 5.6km Trail Run

TEAM & Individual Entries

R500 300 14 years +
Junior Triathlon 30-Apr-18 8am Junior: 150m swim, 5km cycle, 2km run R300 100 8 – 13 years


Do you love triathlon? From the thrilling swim loop in the Old Harbour to the scenic cycle and run-with-a-view, the Walkerbay Xtreme Triathlon Challenge offers you a combination of events like no other.

Choose from the Road or MTB tri options – or do both – and enter the kids into the Junior Tri. No matter which one you choose, or whether you are a novice or experienced multisporter, there is a triathlon for every member of the family.


Sprint MTB Junior
Male 1st R2 000 R2 000 Gift bags
Male 2nd R1 000 R1 000 Gift bags
Male 3rd R500 R500 Gift bags
Female 1st R2 000 R2 000 Gift bags
Female 2nd R1 000 R1 000 Gift bags
Female 3rd R500 R500 Gift bags


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Junior Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, Offroad Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon Maps

Offroad Triathlon Maps

Junior Triathlon Maps

This event is affiliated to Triathlon South Africa.
Their complete set of rules can be found at https://www.triathlon.org/about/downloads/category/competition_rules.

General Event Rules:  http://www.walkerbayxtreme.com/rules-regulations/

  1. Entries
    • Participants must confirm their selected event upon entering (road, off-road, junior). No changes will be made at number collections.
    • Age group categories do not apply when entering this event, but Age Group results will be available for the following categories: 14 – 15 | 16 – 19 | 20 – 24 | 24 – 29 | 30-35 | 35-39 | 40+
    • Minimum age: The minimum age of the sprint and off-road triathlons is 14, while the junior triathlon age bracket is 8 – 13. Participants must be this age on the day of the event.
    • No refunds will be given for entry cancellations.
    • Athletes wishing to change their entry must email entries@walkerbayxtreme.com. If the price of the new entry fee is higher, the participant will be responsible for paying the difference.
    • Athletes are not required to belong to a triathlon club & have a TSA (Triathlon SA) license. However, non-members will be required to take out a day license for R30 at race registration in Hermanus.
  2. General Rules
    • Participants are required to have full understanding of the rules before participation.
    • Participants must ensure they have adequate nutrition and hydration on their persons and in transition. There will be refreshment stations on the bike and run.
    • No participant may take a short-cut on any point of the route, and any short-cutting will result in disqualification. Participants are required to remain on the designated routes at all times, and it is the participant’s responsibility to know the designated course.
    • Unsportsmanlike behaviour, use of abusive language towards another participant or official, and littering are grounds for disqualification.
    • Participants are required to adhere to instructions from officials and marshals at all times.
  3. Participating With Someone Else’s Race Number
    • For safety reasons, racing with someone else’s number is strictly prohibited. Your personal details are linked to your race number, which will have serious consequences in an emergency situation. If you participate with someone else’s race number and have an emergency, you will be responsible for any costs incurred in terms of insurance and your emergency or medical care.
  4. Kit
    • Participants may wear official triathlon kit, or the appropriate active wear.
    • Participants must supply their own brightly coloured swim caps. The following colours are prohibited: black, white, light blue, multi-colour, grey.
    • Participants’ clothing may not carry any political, religious or offensive slogans.
    • Wetsuit use is based on water temperature:
      • No wetsuit: 20 °C and up.
      • Wetsuit compulsory: 15.9 °C and below.
      • Wetsuit optional: between the above temperatures
  5. Bicycles
    • Tri bars are allowed on the road sprint triathlon – NOT the MTB triathlon.
    • This is a non-drafting event.
    • Mountain bikes / cross country bikes are allowed on the road and junior triathlons.

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